100% essential Skyrim mod lets you see yourself in the inventory menu


If you came to Skyrim via some of the older Elder Scrolls games, you were probably used to being able to see your character when you opened the inventory screen. It let you know what you’d look like as you tried out each new piece of equipment (a mismatched dweeb), and if you were one of those strict first-person-only players it was one of the few times you got to see your outfit.

While a mod for vanilla Skyrim called Oblivion Style Inventory Character View (opens in new tab) offered the chance to gawp at yourself in each new set of armor you looted from dead bandits, a bug would sometimes leave the camera stuck that way. Now, an updated version that’s compatible with Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary Edition called Show Player in Menus (opens in new tab) is out, and after a quick test on a couple of saves seems to be working just fine.