100 Versions Of Robot Sophia Ready For Metaverse


Sophia, the humanoid robot built by Hanson Robotics, will now have her virtual anime version in 100 non-fungible tokens (NFT) and be seen in the metaverse. These NFTs will autonomously interact with people in the gamified environment. The makers believe that the virtual format allows them to scale to millions of concurrent interactions across media platforms and devices.

The NFTs have been created in partnership with the startup – beingAI. This iteration in the bot is believed to bring humanity and technology together. Sophia is the same robot who obtained Saudi citizenship, addressed the United Nations, and sang with Jimmy Fallon.


The Sophia beingAI is a collaboration with Alethea AI. The 100 NFTs will be auctioned off on the Binance NFT Marketplace starting on December 16.

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Hanson Robotics’ Sophia is a combination of cutting-edge work in symbolic AI, expert systems, neural networks, machine perception, adaptive motor control, conversational natural language processing, and cognitive architecture, among others. Sophia is basically a framework for cutting edge robotics and AI research, particularly for understanding human-robot interactions and their potential service and entertainment applications.

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