5 Budgeting Apps for Couples With Shared Financial Goals

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If you want to manage your finances together with a partner, budgeting apps may help.

Key points

  • If you struggle with managing your money as a couple, you may consider using budgeting apps to gain better control over your financial matters.
  • Goodbudget, Mint, and You Need a Budget are some couples-friendly budgeting apps.

Do you struggle with money management? Budgeting apps can make it easier to manage your finances and reduce overspending. These apps can be helpful if you’re looking to free up some excess income for savings goals or want to put as much extra money towards paying off debt. If you manage your money with a partner, whether through shared or individual accounts, using a couples-friendly budgeting app can be beneficial so you’re both in the loop. Here are a few budgeting apps for couples with shared financial goals.

1. Goodbudget

Cost: Free (with limited capabilities), or $8 per month or $70 annually for the Plus version

Goodbudget is a budgeting app that works well for couples who want to manage their finances together. You can set up a household budget and share it with budgeting partners. This app uses the envelope method of budgeting. You’ll take your money and set up categories and spending limits, and you can monitor your progress. If you’re looking for a simplified way to follow a budget together virtually, this is a good option.

2. Honeydue

Cost: Free

Honeydue is another finance app for couples. You and your partner can use this tool to track your financial accounts, review balances, coordinate bills, split expenses, and collaborate as you work on your financial goals. If you don’t have a lot of extra cash to spare and want to make some financial changes, you may want to try this free budgeting app.

3. You Need a Budget

Cost: $14.99 monthly or $99 yearly

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a popular budgeting tool. This app focuses on zero-based budgeting, which takes all your money and gives every dollar a job. Recently, the company introduced a new app feature, YNAB Together, which allows couples, roommates, and families to share a budget to work on their finances together. As a YNAB user, you can invite up to five people to YNAB Together for the price of one subscription.

4. Mint

Cost: Free

While Mint doesn’t market itself as a couples budgeting app, you can use it to manage your finances with another person. You can import data from your financial accounts and add your personal and shared accounts to manage your finances through one shared Mint account. Unlike some other budgeting apps, this app is free to use.

Mint’s most notable features are the ability to monitor your cash flow, keep track of your monthly expenses, set and follow spending budgets, and negotiate your bills. You can also set up alerts so you’re notified about extra fees, overspending, and upcoming bills. If you have financial goals you’re working on this year as a couple, Mint can help you reach them.

5. Simplifi

Cost: $3.99 monthly or $47.88 yearly

Simplifi is another budgeting app couples can use to manage their finances jointly. You can connect various financial accounts, set and work on savings goals, monitor your spending, set and follow spending budgets, and review your progress to see what changes you need to make as you navigate your financial journey. Couples can connect their individual or joint accounts to manage money as partners.

Support each other’s shared and personal financial goals

Working together as a team as you work on shared and personal finance goals is a healthy way to be supportive in your partnership. If you struggle with making your financial dreams a reality and want to get on the same page, you may want to try couples budgeting apps. To learn more about additional apps, check out our list of the best budgeting apps.

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