5 laptops I can’t wait to test in 2023


A new year means new laptops, and that’s got me excited. We got a good idea of what to expect during CES 2023, with manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus, MSI and more showing off their upcoming notebooks. Considering how most new laptops will sport the latest CPUs and GPUs, there’s a lot to get excited about — especially here at Tom’s Guide, where we get to do in-depth hands-on testing of every laptop we review.

I recently wrote about the 5 gaming laptops I can’t wait to test in 2023, but I’d also like to discuss the productivity notebooks I’m eager to go hands-on with. Some of these were unveiled during CES, while others have yet to be officially announced. There will no doubt be other laptops I test that may end up on our best laptops list, but based on what I know so far, I have my eye on these specific devices.