6 Unexpected Products to Buy at Costco

Woman pushing cart down warehouse club store aisle.

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These Costco items may surprise you.

Key points

  • Costco has many household items that you can buy, but also carries items you might not anticipate finding there.
  • These include expensive engagement rings, musical instruments, and more.

When you think of items to buy at Costco, you probably think of the typical warehouse club purchases like paper towels and dishwasher detergent and bulk grocery items. And, indeed, you can easily end up putting all of these items on a credit card when you visit your local Costco store.

But, beyond these staples, there are also some really unexpected products you could purchase at the members-only warehouse club. In fact, here are six surprising items you could pick up on your next Costco trip or at the store’s online site.

1. A very expensive engagement ring

Costco offers a wide selection of engagement rings to fit every budget — including very high budgets. In fact, the warehouse club offers seven engagement rings online priced at more than $100,000 — including one with a price tag close to $350,000.

So, if you’re in the market for a piece of jewelry that costs as much as many people’s houses, you can pick it up at Costco.com. Bet that wouldn’t have been the first place you looked for it.

2. Chandeliers

If you’re in the market for some lighting, you may not have to go to Lowes or another home improvement store to find the fixture of your dreams.

Costco offers a large selection of stylish chandeliers that the decorator in you will love. And they range from chandelier/fan combos with a $700 price tag to bargain-basement options that cost just $129.99 after a $50 discount.

3. Luxury wine cellars

While you might expect to be able to pick up a bottle of your favorite white or red at Costco, you probably wouldn’t think of going there to get a wine cellar that costs more than $5,500. In fact, Costco offers multiple luxury wine cellars (as well as some cheaper alternatives).

So if you are training to be a sommelier or you simply want to make sure you have the perfect bottle on hand at all times, you can find your ideal wine storage solution at your local Costco store.

4. Musical instruments

If you’re interested in making beautiful music, Costco has you covered. From digital piano bundles to acoustic guitars to full drum sets, you can find your instrument of choice at Costco.com.

In fact, there’s a full drum setup with a price of just over $2,000 that you could buy if you’re looking to start a band or if you just really dislike your neighbors and want to drive them crazy with some drumming.

5. Swimming pools

Costco offers several options for above-ground pools if you’re interested in finding a great way to keep cool during the summer months. These affordable options can allow you to add a pool to your home for as little as $800 — just be sure that your HOA will be okay with the new addition.

6. Funeral essentials

Rounding up this list with the least fun item of all, you can find both caskets and urns at Costco. While these items aren’t things you want to find on your must-purchase list, Costco offers very affordable prices on them compared with funeral homes, so they could save you money during a difficult time of life.

These are just some of many surprising finds at Costco, so be sure to keep your eyes open online or in store for unexpected items that you may want to add to your cart.

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