A look at the contenders in this year’s BREW pitch competition

The founders of Pass it Down after winning the BREW pitch competition in 2019 (file photo)

Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week kicks off with a Town Square block party next Monday and builds to Friday’s pitch competition, when four companies vie for $100,000 in angel investment. 

“This isn’t really a conference,” says Stephen Loy, executive director with Nexus Louisiana, the event’s organizers. “We’re in the festival season here in Louisiana, and I think people should look at BREW as being a festival.” 

The pitch judges will look for the firm that’s most “investable,” Loy says. What that means may vary but can include growth potential, exit strategy and/or the potential market. The contenders are:

JurisDeed: An online platform connecting a real estate property’s historical records with its current legal interest-holders to help facilitate transactions of distressed real estate and unlock opportunities for wealth creation and community prosperity. 

Thrivvy: Provides a price-comparison app to help shoppers find the best deals while also helping retailers and brands make informed decisions about pricing, promotions and product placement. 

DAWn Audio: Bridges compatibility between digital audio workstations to help musical artists collaborate remotely. 

Ceres: A sustainable snack company and makers of the first cereal with 20 grams of plant protein. 

“Rediscover and reimagine” is this year’s theme for BREW. Along with specific takeaways they can apply to their businesses, Na’Tisha Natt, who directs community engagement for Nexus, hopes attendees will recharge and remember why they got into business in the first place.

“Along the course of the week, they’ll have those moments to reconnect with their ‘why’ and discover ways they can do things differently,” she says. 

BREW runs May 1 through May 6. Nexus has posted the schedule including the list of speakers; read more here