All new Shiny Pokémon revealed in Scarlet and Violet leaks


The final set of leaks for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is wrapping up, which means fans are getting a good look at all of the new and returning Pokémon featured in the games a bit early. Along with things like stats, moves, and more, all of the sprites for the new Pokémon have already been pulled from the data of early copies. 

This means, if you look in the right places, you can already see just where you might want to spend your time Shiny hunting once you start your journey in Paldea. 

All three of the starters swap their normal colors for lighter hues that become more prominent as they evolve. Specifically Fuecoco’s pink and Quaxly’s off-blue change into much more neon-style colors in their final evolutions. 

Most of the Paradox Pokémon change their color schemes entirely, and anyone playing Violet should have a field day with how good the varying metallic highlights of the Iron Paradox Pokémon look. Unfortunately, you can’t breed these special Pokémon, according to leaks, so you will have to try and encounter them in the wild using other methods. 

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Other standouts include Toadscool and Toadscruel completely shifting colors, all three Paldean Tauros swapping their primary greys and blacks, and the Legendary Pokémon all taking on black or grey colors—the most common change for most of the Paldean natives. 

And yes, fans did get their wish in that Lechonk becomes pink and Smoliv becomes a black olive with their Shiny variants. 

Obviously, all of this information was obtained through datamining early copies of the game, so you shouldn’t take it for a fact until players are able to confirm the details in droves after launch. Additionally, information about which Pokémon are Shiny locked or not is still unclear, so some of the Legendary Pokémon or rare encounters could end up being unobtainable in their Shiny alternate colors.