Amazon updates its base model Kindle with a new display, more storage, and USB-C


Amazon has just announced its latest Kindle for 2022. The company has debuted a replacement for its most affordable model, bringing plenty of new enhancements while keeping the price steady at $99.99. The new model will feature a high-resolution screen coming in at 300ppi, a USB-C charging port, and 16GB of storage.

The newly announced Kindle is the most affordable option in Amazon’s Kindle lineup. The new Kindle is a vast improvement over the previous generation that was released in 2019. The older model had a screen with a resolution of 167ppi and had half the storage coming in at 8GB. Perhaps the biggest change with the newest model is that it can charge using USB-C. With the new screen coming in at 300ppi, texts will be sharper, and with an adjustable front light, you can even read it in places where there might not be enough light. Although there is a front light consisting of four LEDs, the screen will not have temperature adjustment. Also, remember that this model is not water resistant, so you’ll want to keep it away from rain and other moist areas. The new model will come in two colors: black and denim.

Similar to prior models, Amazon will also introduce a Kindle Kids version that will come with a protective cover, one year of Amazon Kids+, and a two-year warranty. The Amazon Kids+ service will include access to thousands of books, along with games, videos, and also apps. The extended warranty will also cover most issues and will include either a repair or replacement. While the base model does come in at $99.99, it will be the ad-supported version. If you want to go ad-free, the price of the Kindle will be $119.99. Both versions are currently available for pre-order from Amazon, and they will be officially released on October 12.

    The new Amazon Kindle for 2022

Source: Amazon