AMD Working On VirtIO GPU & Passthrough GPU Support For Xen Virtualization


AMD is working to enable VirtIO GPU and pass-through GPU support for the Xen virtualization hypervisor with Radeon graphics.

In addition to their recent work on VirtIO native context support with QEMU+KVM, it also turns out they are working to enhance the Radeon graphics support/performance when using Xen as well.

AMD Xen screenshot
AMD shows off GPU pass-through support with Xen. The GPU being demoed here is a Navi 2x Radeon PRO W6400.

Huang Rui of AMD sent out a set of kernel patches on Sunday for working to improve the Xen kernel support around AMD Radeon graphics support.

“Currently, we are working to add VirtIO GPU and Passthrough GPU support on Xen. We expected to use HVM on domU and PVH on dom0. The x86 PVH dom0 support needs a few modifications on our APU platform. These functions requires multiple software components support including kernel, xen, qemu, mesa, and virglrenderer.”

For those making use of the Xen hypervisor and interested in seeing improved Radeon GPU support, see this patch series for more details on the tentative improvements to the Linux kernel and related software components. There are Git branches as well with the current Xen, QEMU, Mesa, and Virglrenderer patches needed for this PCIe GPU passthrough and VirtIO GPU integration beyond the “request for comments” kernel patches.


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