Announcements from Xbox, Capcom and other developers


The Tokyo Game Show 2021 has almost ended and it has already managed to bring in a lot of information about the game developers future plans. Industry-leading developers like Xbox, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, miHoYo, Bandai Namco, and many more attended this game shot and announced new updates and features for popular titles like Monster Hunter and  Eternal Return.

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 was held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Several new titles were also unveiled to the community and the plates have been trying to learn more about all these announcements. To help the readers, here are all the big announcements made during the TGS 2021 live stream. Read more 

Biggest announcements from Tokyo Game Show 2021


Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer was seen during the event and he said that the developers are working every single day to improve their line-up of Japanese games. Phil also said that it was an honour to support [TGS] and their Japanese partners. Currently, Microsoft is collaborating with several Japanese publishers every single day to increase the line-up of Japanese games on Xbox. They are also going to add a full Japanese voice cast for Arkane Studios’ Rendall and Japanese text and voices for Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield.  Todd Howard from Bethesda spoke about this process and confirmed that its the “largest translation ever” with “over 300 actors and 150,000 lines of dialogue.”


Capcom mostly focused on announcing a new Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion which is also going to be available on PC. Capcom claims that this is one of the biggest updates released for the game. Other announcements about monster Hunter Rise includes an upcoming collaboration with Ghost n Goblins and Sonic in honour of his 30th anniversary.  Ghosts n Goblins collaboration is scheduled to release on October 29. 

  • Scarlet Nexus, Ai: The Somnium Files and Mighty Goose are available for Xbox Game Pass as of today. 
  • The first brand-new character for The King of Fighters XV was released. 
  • A new game called Good Life is set to be released on October 15.
  • A trailer was released to reveal Eternal Return release on October 19.