Apple gains PC market share in 2022 while other brands suffer


The personal computers market witnessed an exponential growth during the pandemic. However, post-pandemic, the same market has declined drastically due to lower demand, especially after schools and offices have reopened. While PC makers shipped 67.2 million computers in Q4 2022, it is 28.1 per cent less than Q4 2021, says IDC report.

Q4 2022’s PC shipment numbers are comparable with 2018’s number and the annual PC shipment is said to be better than the pre-pandemic era. IDC also suggests that the pandemic boom for the PC market is over. However, PC brands have still managed to ship 292.3 million computers in the whole of 2022.

Coming to 2023, the demand for PCs is said to be declining due to the economic slowdown and the prices of PC and accessories have drastically come down as brands plan to clear their inventory. The PC market is said to start recovering by 2023 and it will show its full effects by early 2024.

Lenovo tops the PC market in 2022 as per the IDC report (Image credit: IDC)

Top PC brands of 2023

Lenovo is the number one PC brand of 2022 in terms of sales figures with a 23 per cent market share. The company has shipped 68 million units of PC in 2022, which is 16.9 per cent less than in 2021. Similarly, HP and Dell are in the second and third positions with a market share of 18.9 per cent, and 17 per cent respectively, and both brands have performed a lot better in 2021.

Apple sees sharp growth in PC shipment

While most brands have shipped fewer PCs in 2021 when compared to 2022, Apple has done the impossible. With a market share of 9.8 per cent, the company has shipped 28.6 million Macs and has noticed a 2.5 per cent growth despite lower demand for PCs. Apple has done well in all four quarters of 2022, and it has been the best year for the company. Overall, Apple is currently the fourth biggest PC maker in the world while Asus is in the fifth position with a market share of 7 per cent.