Boris Johnson make surprise visit to Ukraine


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Boris Johnson meet Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky for Kyiv

Di outgoing UK Prime Minister don make surprise visit to Ukrainian capital Kyiv to mark di kontri independence day.

Boris Johnson dey make im third visit to Ukraine since Russia invade six months ago.

During im trip im vow say Ukraine “fit win di war and dem go win di war” against one “barbaric and illegal invader”.

Di prime minister also announce more UK support for Ukraine including one £54m drones package.

Im tok say di support go “give di brave and resilient Ukrainian Armed Forces anoda boost in capability, wey go allow dem to continue to push back Russian forces and fight for dia freedom”.

Oga Johnson also receive Ukraine highest award wey dem fit give foreign pesin – The Order of Liberty.

Oga Boris tok say households “gatz endure di cost-of-living crisis” to counter Russian aggression.

Im tok say di West gatz “stay di course” on Ukraine despite rising living costs, wey di war cause.

“While pipo dey pay energy bills, pipo for Ukraine dey pay wit blood,” Oga Johnson tok.

Im claim say Western unity on Ukraine dey “grow” despite reports say support dey reduce from European kontris as rising energy prices cripple di global economy.

Di £54m military support package includes 2,000 drones and loitering munitions wey Downing Street say e go help Ukraine “to better track and target invading Russian forces”.

Dis fit be Oga Johnson final visit to di kontri as UK prime minister sake of say im go leave office for 6 September.

Oga Johnson wey speak for Kyiv say di British households gatz endure di cost-of-living crisis” in order to counter Russia’s “inevitable manipulation of energy prices”.

President Zelensky unveil one plaque for di UK prime minister on di “alley of bravery” outside di Ukrainian parliament.

For one Facebook post, Oga Zelensky say im dey “glad to welcome”Oga Johnson wey im describe as “great friend of Ukraine”.

Im tank di UK prime minister for “di uncompromising support of our kontri from di first days of full-scale Russian aggression, for di steadfast defence of Ukraine’s interests for di international arena!

“Our kontri dey luck to get such friend!”

Analysis by Ione Wells Political correspondent

E get three main tins wey Boris Johnson want make im legacy be – achieving Brexit, di Covid vaccine roll out, and di UK support for Ukraine.

I bin ask im close padi if dem tink say im go cause trouble for pesin wey go replace am as prime minister.

Di pesin say e go cause trouble if im tink say im successor “dey go soft” on di UK response to di Ukraine war.

Boris Johnson also tok for one BBC Radio 4 interview say di only tin wey go make am consider resigning go be if dem ask am to give up support for Ukraine.

Clearly, no be di case be dat.

E dey unlikely say anyone fit ask am to give up im support sake of say na one of di few tins wey go actually unite di Conversative Party towards di end of im tenure.

Both candidates wey wan become next PM don pledge to continue di UK aid, but Boris Johnson get close relationship wit President Zelensky wey go dey hard to emulate.

Wen di Ukraine war dey im early weeks, and scenes of terror dey for our screens everi evening, pipo wey witness calls between di two leaders say dem still dey exchange jokes and make references to Shakespeare play wey dem enjoy.

Oda world leaders don also pay tribute to Ukraine as di kontri mark dia 31 years since dem gain independence from Russia.

US President Joe Biden say Ukrainians don “inspire di world wit dia extraordinary courage and dedication to freedom”

Oga Biden also confirm $3bn (£2.5bn) of fresh US military support for Ukraine – di biggest American package yet – wey go help Ukraine to acquire weaponry and equipment.

Oga Zelensky say im dey grateful to di US for dia “unwavering support”.

Di Ukrainian president don vow to “liberate” all of im kontri territories wey Russia occupy without “any concession or compromise”.