Bride, groom kiss each other while smoking hookah; internet reacts


Indian weddings are extravaganza and grand affairs with lakhs of money being spent on the big day. Music, dance, food and decorations are the major attractions is any wedding. However, brides and grooms often go the extra mile to make their big day, a memorable one.

Many prefer to perform special dance numbers on the auspicious occasion which creates quite a buzz on the internet. Social media platforms are filled with dance videos of brides and grooms from their wedding days.

However, a particular video of a couple smoking hookah and blowing smoke into each other’s mouth at the wedding mandap has left the internet divided. Although the video shows the couple’s love for hookahs, it has sparked a debate online.

While many social media users objected to the couple’s intimate moment during their wedding ceremony, many pointed out that it was their day and they were allowed to do whatever they liked. However, many highlighted that smoking hookah isn’t cool, that too in the presence of family members, friends and relatives.

In the viral video, we can see the bride looking stunning in a maroon and peach lehenga standing next to the groom dressed in a suit. The two are standing on the wedding stage. The bride then puffs heavily from a giant hookah that is also kept on the stage.

After that, she kisses the groom and blows hookah into his mouth. The video has sparked outrage as some think these kinds of moments should not be done during a marriage function.

Netizens claimed that it was done to gain publicity on social media while others felt it was cute. Recently, a video of a couple kissing each other in front of relatives and the pandit had sparked quite an outrage on social media.