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Russia and Ukraine talks fail to yield progress

Russia rebuffed Ukraine’s proposals for a temporary ceasefire and humanitarian aid for the besieged city of Mariupol at high-level talks that made little progress...

FTX hacker splits nearly $200M in ETH across 12 wallets

The hacker behind the theft of more than $447 million of crypto from the crypto exchange FTX has been again spotted moving their ill-gotten...

Tunisians back new constitution, but with low turnout

Constitution expands presidential powersOpposition say it dismantles democracyOnly about a quarter of voters took partTunisia's 2011 revolution started the 'Arab spring'TUNIS, July 25 (Reuters)...

Top Gun: Maverick Team Says Val Kilmer ‘Was Thrilled’ to Be in Sequel

Top Gun: Maverick Team Says Val Kilmer 'Was Thrilled' to Be in Sequel | ...

Why You Should Buy Series I Bonds Right Now

As inflation soars to the highest rate since 1981, you’ve very likely noticed how much it’s affecting the cost of many of your day-to-day...