Dr Disrespect taunts CoD devs over event snub, implies it’s their loss


Dr Disrespect is still bitter about being snubbed from the Call of Duty: Next event in September—which the organizers told him happened because he “talks too much trash” about the franchise.

The two-time insisted he meant well with his constructive criticism. He wanted his harsh words to fuel the developers to improve things. Instead, it got him blacklisted from their event.

So, rather than letting bygones be bygones, Dr Disrespect stayed true to his philosophy of violence, speed, and momentum by throwing a little jab their way that implied it was their loss, not his.

Image via Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect was one of several streamers who was able to play and stream the new DMZ mode in Warzone on Nov. 10 and given his popularity on YouTube, it was a huge success.

The stream ran for almost ten hours, and in that time, more than 800,000 viewers watched it for an aggregate of 325,353 hours in total watch time, with a peak of 60,000 concurrent viewers.

The two-time shared those stats on social media, along with the following message: “Had a blast at the event today. Thanks for the invite, Call of Duty!”—as if to say he’s still a popular hit in the community, and they messed up by trying to outcast him.

That being said, Dr Disrespect’s tenure on MW2 and the new DMZ mode is off to a rocky start. He’s already uninstalled MW2, and he wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the DMZ mode.

His opinion could change over time. But, at this stage, it sounds like there’ll be plenty more criticism to come, especially once the new and improved Warzone officially releases on Nov. 16.