EA Sports FC 24 Fans Angry After Leak Reveals Paid Evolutions Are Coming


A new leak for EA Sports FC 24 claiming some evolutions will be paid has fans in an uproar.

EA Sports FC 24 represents the beginning of a new era for developer Electronic Arts. After decades under the FIFA umbrella, the team has decided to forgo that branding over cost disputes and is now taking its own path. EA has said that this will open up new opportunities for the team, especially in Ultimate Team, where it was sometimes shackled by the different rules FIFA put in place. One of the new additions to the mode is Evolutions, which is basically a way for users to take one of their favorite soccer players and “evolve” them through gameplay. When it was announced, EA Sports FC 24 fans were incredibly excited about the possibilities, but a new leak has thrown a huge bucket of cold water on those hopes.

This leak comes courtesy of Fut Sheriff on Twitter. While you should always take every leak with a grain of salt, Sheriff has been successfully leaking FIFA and now EA Sports FC for years. They have missed some things in the past, but for the most part, Sheriff’s record is very solid. Recently, Sheriff shared new information about Evolutions in EA Sports FC 24 claiming at least some Evolutions will have free and paid options.

This means that players will have a choice to make. They can either take the free player or pay 50,000 Coins/1,000 EAFC Points to get the paid version. As you’d expect, Sheriff says, “the paid one gets a better boost,” meaning if you’re willing to spend money, you’ll get a better player. Fans are understandably upset over the game going even further toward pay-to-win.

One of the top replies to Sheriff’s tweet reads “EA already ruining the feature we were most excited about.” Another says, “Literally pay to win, EA is so money hungry it’s crazy how every year it gets worse and worse.” However, some are pointing out that if you can buy the players with coins, it’s really no different than buying a player off of the market, though those upset are still pushing against that notion because they think it makes it even easier for fans to get sucked into spending money.

Either way, EA Sports FC 24 and sports games, in general, will continue to push the boundaries in ways like this for the foreseeable future. Remember, NBA 2K24 just introduced a paid version of its battle pass for the first time ever. The backlash was as strong as what we’re seeing here, but it hasn’t seemed to hurt 2K24‘s bottom line in a noticeable way.

What Are Evolutions in EA Sports FC 24?

(Photo: EA Sports)

Evolutions in EA Sports FC 24 give you the chance to choose a player and then upgrade them throughout the season. The upgrades range from a full overall rating boost to smaller boosts for things like getting an extra star for your player’s weak foot. To get those upgrades, you’ll need to complete specific tasks in-game. It’s also worth noting that you can only work on one Evolution at a time, meaning you can’t stack your lineup with them to get progress with them all at once.

EA Sports FC 24 is launching on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on September 29, though you can pre-order the Ultimate Edition and get in on September 22.