Every Generation of Porsche 911, Ranked


Photo: Porsche via Netcarshow

OK, before you light your torches and grab your pitchforks, hear me out — the 993 just isn’t that great, and I’ll tell you why. First, it being the last air-cooled car doesn’t make it inherently great. Sure, the 3.6 Variocam engine was pretty solid in terms of reliability, but power was only OK at its peak of 285. Next, the 993 Carrera is heavier than the more powerful car that replaced it, aka the unfairly reviled 996.

Thirdly, this was Porsche’s first use of multi-link rear suspension and while it was fine, it lacked the charm of the car that preceded it. Fourth, the interior looks alright at first glance, but the button and switch placement is a mess and usability kind of sucks. Finally, while it’s got character and it’s historically significant for being the final air-cooled car, its sort of boring looking with its mishmash of 959 front styling, melty rear end and that stupid basket-handle rear spoiler at the base of the rear window.

Basically, it’s a wildly expensive but totally “meh” car.


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