Full Pokédex details leaked for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, including who is missing


After almost a full week of leaks and datamining, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s full Pokédex appears to have been uncovered—featuring a grand total of 476 Pokémon in the base game. 

This number is a bit odd, as it only includes the Pokémon with fully featured assets in the game and not the additional four that are mentioned and hinted at via lore in the games themselves. Even with those exclusions, this is still the biggest base game Pokédex since XY’s 457 Pokémon and has also eclipsed Sword and Shield’s 400 total by almost a factor of 100. 

Sword and Shield do currently hold the record for most catchable Pokémon overall though if you count its DLC Expansion Pass areas—Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. Both added a good number of Pokémon, eventually bringing the catchable total up to just over 660 depending on if you are counting event Pokémon or not. 

Pokémon Black and White’s record of introducing 156 new Pokémon still holds strong as the biggest region-exclusive Pokédex to date, and Scarlet and Violet did break 100 new Pokémon, bringing 107 additional species to the franchise—counting new forms and excluding Pokémon not featured in the base game. 

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon still hold the record for the most obtainable Pokémon overall, as players can bring their total up to 807 through the use of trading, Pokémon Bank, and just catching them in-game or through events. This was the final game to include the National Pokédex as fans knew it, which allowed players to actually have every Pokémon available in a single copy of the most recent Pokémon generation. 

Is there a National Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Unfortunately for fans who may have been hoping Gen Nine would bring back the National Dex and the ability to obtain every Pokémon from previous games through the use of Pokémon HOME, that is not the case. 

With that 476 base game total, Scarlet and Violet contain roughly 48 percent of the total Pokédex—taking into account that the new total for the National Dex should be 1,012 post-launch. This also means around 33 percent of the Gen Nine base Pokédex is made up of new Pokémon. 

This will, understandably, upset a good portion of the community who was hoping to see some of their favorites make a return. Not all hope is lost, however.

If you take into account that Sword and Shield’s two DLC releases eventually brought the total number of Pokémon available in Gen 8 up to over 660, something similar could happen with Gen Nine. Datamining and hints in the game itself point to at least one massive piece of DLC coming down the line, with more Paradox Pokémon and a third Legendary Pokémon to pair with Koraidon and Miraidon. 

We will have to wait for more information after SV’s official release to really gauge just how many Pokémon the games will end up with, but this is a solid start for the next generation of Pokémon.