Get a $200 gift card when you buy a Pixel 6a and join Visible


If you were thinking about switching carriers to save on service, Visible is worth your consideration with a cheap unlimited plan on Verizon’s network. Besides the monthly savings, you can save further if you’re ready to upgrade your old phone. For new customers that bring their number to Visible, the carrier is offering a $200 virtual gift card when they buy a Google Pixel 6a (opens in new tab) and keep their service for three months.

Visible’s virtual gift cards are available to a wide range of retailers such as Amazon, Lowes, and Uber Eats so there’s a good chance you can find a card that works for you. To quality, you’ll need to sign up for Visible and port in your number from a compatible carrier. Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to pay your bill for three months before qualifying for the gift card. You can see the compatible carriers (opens in new tab) for number port ins on Visible’s support page.