Getting protection from the flu and COVID



COVID-19 has been claiming lives since last year. And many health officials have been urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Now, it’s that time of year to worry about the flu vaccine as well.

A quick trip to the pharmacy now could spare you from making a trip to the emergency room later. And, the best part is, that you can get it all completed at once.

Both the COVID-19 and the flu vaccine have a very important job, to protect you and your family.

Sam Patel is a pharmacist at Carrell Pharmacy. The time of year to get your flu vaccine has returned. “You’re getting protection by taking a COVID shot. You’re getting protection from COVID and by taking the flu shot – you’re getting protection from influenza,” Patel said.

Between influenza season and COVID-19 impacting us year-round, right now is the best time to protect yourself against two deadly viruses.

Patel says you can contract both viruses at the same time. “They are two different viruses so it is possible to get both,” said Patel.

Terry Hutchins got both vaccines. “I hate needles,” said Hutchins. Hutchins temporarily overcame his fear of needles because he’s fighting a battle of his own – cancer.

He is encouraging everyone who has yet to get their vaccines to get it done son. He believes it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

“I would advise everyone to get them because you got to take care of your family you know and other people too, you know,” Hutchins said.

Sam Patel also told WINK News that while no vaccine gives you 100% protection, both vaccines could save your life.