Google’s Bard AI Gets Export to Sheets, Math, Coding Updates


Google has been busy updating and improving its recently-launched Bard AI chatbot, adding some handy new features. 

The biggest news for regular users is the ability to export table data directly into a Google Sheets document. If you ask Bard to generate a table or it creates one on its own to answer a multifaceted query, there’s a clearly labeled export option accompanying the table. Google gives an example of a user asking Bard to “create a table for volunteer sign-ups” for an animal shelter.

Unsplash / Mojahid Mottakin

Google Bard also seems to have enrolled in a few math classes, as it can now recognize more computational prompts and act accordingly, thanks to a feature called “implicit code execution.” This means that Bard is better at mathematical tasks, with Google giving examples of asking it for a string of prime factor numbers and calculating the growth rate of a savings account. These improvements carry over into coding, so advanced creators will likely find some use when whipping up some programming code. 

Bard was also injected with new code to improve its reasoning and logic abilities, allowing it to take more time to answer a query so it can truly get to the heart of the matter instead of quickly getting an answer out the door. Google calls this “System 2” thinking. It should help improve overall usefulness down the line. The company says users can expect a 30 percent uptick in accuracy thanks to this new system. 

Google notes that Bard could still get stuff wrong every now and again, so it is preparing more improvements to be launched at a later date. These latest updates were released on Wednesday.