HEXADRIVE announces high-speed running action game BRIGHT TRACER for PC


Japanese studio HEXADRIVE has announced BRIGHT TRACER, a high-speed running action game for PC (Steam). It will launch in May.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Dash through at the speed of light…

BRIGHT TRACER is a high-speed running action game to run through a cyberspace world being invaded by a virus.

Dash through the stages at the light speed to quickly get to the viruses’ boss.

A High-Speed Running / Seamless Action Game

Gradually accelerate by chaining various actions seamlessly, such as wall-run, sliding, and wire-hook. Dash through the stages elegantly at a high-speed by linking a series of actions.

Stylish Battles to Dodge and Sweep Away Enemies

Perform “Dodge and Counter-Attack” by taking actions at the right timing to dodge enemy attacks. By succeeding, you gain further acceleration and bonuses, allowing you to ride at top speed. Actively dodge and sweep away many enemies.

Time Attack

You are ranked by your clear time. Aim to reach your destination faster and achieve an S+ rank.

About the Developers

This title was developed by our newest developers who planned and carried out the entire process from planning to development, and reached the release by overcoming many challenges, including using the next-generation game engine Unreal Engine 5.

This title was created for those who want to play a fast-paced responsive game. Enjoy the responsive dash as you run through stages non-stop with intuitive controls.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Announce Trailer