How to add friends in Pokemon Unite


Pokemon Unite can be a frustrating experience without friends by your side as you head into battle.

Playing with randoms is a tale as old as time. You either get some of the best players you’ve ever met, need to do nothing, and come away with an easy victory. Or you dominate the lobby, but the rest of your team does nothing and you lose.

Nothing about that is different in Pokemon Unite. This is why you need to add your friends for this game on Nintendo Switch. Communicating with familiar allies will make you rage much less.

Pokemon Unite: How to add friends

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Adding friends in Pokemon Unite is not as simple as adding them to your list on your Nintendo Switch account. Due to the game coming to mobile with crossplay at some point, adding friends is tied directly to Pokemon Unite.

You will have to add them straight in the game instead of through your specific device. Every friend needs to be added manually in Pokemon Unite, through its Friends section.

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

At the main screen on the game, press the X button to open the side menu. Move down to the Friends option and press A. After that, select Friend Search and X once more to enter your friend’s Trainer ID.

Type in your friend’s Trainer ID at this point and select Add Friend. Your friend will then have to accept the request in order for you to play together in Pokemon Unite multiplayer.

If your friend wants to add you instead, you can provide them with your Pokemon Unite Trainer ID. To find it, press the L button on the main screen of the game. This will open Trainer Info.

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

In the Trainer Info area, you will see your Trainer name and Trainer ID. Provide your Trainer ID to your friend and they can add you to their list in Pokemon Unite in the exact same manner that you can.

After you have each other added as Friends, press Y in a lobby to find who is online and you can invite them to a game. You can simply join them as well if their lobby is open.