How to incorporate investments into retirement plan


Part four of a series about financial planning for retirement

I am preparing to retire. No, I am not retiring anytime soon. But I am a financial planner as well as an investment manager, so I plan and you should to, which is the reason for this little series. So far, we have talked about knowing what you spend, planning for big expenses, and evaluating guaranteed income; today we try to reconcile the three.

This is actually very easy: Just have enough investments to supplement your income. For those whom the last sentence is true, you can stop reading. Now for the rest of you…

Assuming you would like the investments to provide money across your retirement, you would first check if your investment pool is even close to what you need. I’ve mentioned the 4% rule in the past. Ignore that for now. Instead look at how much income the investments need to provide each year.


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