Intel Data Center Max GPU Embraces 16-pin Power Connector


Intel’s highest-performing Data Center GPU Max compute GPUs, codenamed Ponte Vecchio, will come in the form of OAM modules aimed at blade machines for supercomputing. The company is also prepping humble Data Center GPU Max add-on cards that can go into mainstream servers and workstations. Those cards will follow the latest fashion and come equipped with the 12VHPWR power connector.

Intel’s Data Center GPU Max 1100 employs a cut-down single-stack version of Intel’s Ponte Vecchio processor that features 56 Xe-HPC compute cores featuring 448 512-bit vector engines, 448 4096-bit matrix engines, 56 ray tracing cores, and 48GB of HBM2E memory. The unit consumes up to 300W of power. As it turns out, the graphics card relies on an auxiliary PCIe 5.0 power connector, according to an Intel video.