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iPhone 14 cutback rumors questioned by analyst ahead of launch


A reputable analyst has questioned rumors that Apple has cut back on orders for the iPhone 14, stating that his surveys indicate they remain steady.

Ming-Chi Kuo stated this week:

My take for the rumored TSMC’s iPhone 14 orders cut by 10%.

  1. Rumored TSMC’s iPhone 14 orders cut by 10% is not aligned with my survey. I currently maintain my 2H22 shipment forecast for iPhone 14, about 100 mn and 90 mn units for components and EMS, respectively.
  2. Apple’s slight adjustments for iPhone shipment forecasts (single-digit increase/decrease) are common, including new models before mass production.

Kuo went on to say that Apple doesn’t usually make marked changes to shipping forecasts prior to launch and that the iPhone 14 is no different, stating that in the case of delays Apple usually postpones orders rather than cutting them. The push back follows a report from Digitimes earlier this week:

Digitimes reports Friday that Apple’s main chip supplier, TSMC, has seen a sudden downturn in fortunes because of three major customers cutting back orders. The report says that both AMD and NVIDIA are both tightening their belts, and Apple has reportedly cut iPhone 14 orders by 10%:

It is understood that the mass production of Apple’s iPhone 14 series has started, but the target shipment of the first wave of 90 million units has been reduced by 10%.

Apple’s iPhone 14 is expected to be the company’s best iPhone yet, with upgrades coming to the camera in the form of a new 48MP lens. The iPhone 14 Pro is also expected to get a new hole-punch camera instead of a notch, as well as a new always-on display.

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