Is Regidrago worth using in Pokemon GO? (March 2023)


With the appearance of Regidrago as an Elite Raid boss in Pokemon GO’s Rising Heroes season, trainers have been curious about its potential uses in the game. While Regidrago’s max stamina stat is high, its attack and defense stats are relatively low in comparison. Additionally, Regidrago’s move pool is limited to only one Fast Move, Bite, and a small collection of Charged Moves such as Hyper Beam, Outrage, and Dragon Pulse. As a result, compared to the other Legendary Titans, Regidrago does not currently have much versatility or widespread use in the game, outside of some niche applications.


It’s unfortunate, but trainers who wish to catch Regidrago in Pokemon GO may be disappointed with how well it can perform in most battles.

Regidrago’s uses in Pokemon GO as of March 2023

It's unusual for an Elite Raid boss in Pokemon GO to be so underpowered in battle (Image via Niantic)
It’s unusual for an Elite Raid boss in Pokemon GO to be so underpowered in battle (Image via Niantic)

Unfortunately, the IV stats and limited move selection that Regidrago currently has in Pokemon GO severely undercut its usefulness in battles. Additionally, access to Bite as a lone Fast Move means Regidrago can’t deal extra damage with the in-game Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) until it uses one of its Dragon-type Charged Moves. This further complicates Regidrago’s damage output, especially considering its low attack stat.

Regidrago’s maximum defense stat is also currently lower than its attack, meaning it doesn’t perform particularly well at mitigating damage in Pokemon GO. Despite having a high stamina stat and a large amount of maximum health, Regidrago can’t deal or sustain much damage. However, with the right strategy and move set, Regidrago can still be a valuable addition to a player’s team.


Since Regidrago benefits the most when leaning on its high health pool, it’s likely best used as a gym defender. In this setting, Regidrago doesn’t necessarily need to deal heavy damage to be successful, and it can instead stand in the way of opposing teams as they try to take over a gym for their side. High-HP Pokemon tend to perform quite well during gym defense, as creatures like Slaking and Blissey have shown quite often. Regidrago doesn’t sport the same stamina stats as those two examples, but it should be able to be quite a pest nonetheless.

Unfortunately, unless Niantic makes changes to Regidrago’s stats or available moves, it will be quite difficult to use in many other game modes. It doesn’t have the attack power to perform well in raids, and though it does have the desired bulk to suit PvP, it simply can’t deal or take damage well enough to be considered viable in the meta outside of very specific circumstances.


Given its lackluster performance and high power-up cost, many trainers may choose to hold off on investing in Regidrago for now. While Niantic may make changes in the future to improve its performance or add new moves, currently Regidrago is best suited as a Pokedex entry or a gym defender. Only time will tell if this Legendary Titan will see a rise in popularity in Pokemon GO.

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