Jockey, Two Trainers Summarily Suspended at Parx


Searches at tracks this past week in Pennsylvania resulted in three individuals from Parx Racing being summarily suspended, according to an Organization of Racing Investigators press release and rulings on the Pennsylvania Racing Commission website.

A Sept. 23 ruling indicated that jockey Edwin Rivera was found in possession of two electrical devices. Pennsylvania rules state it is unlawful and a violation to be in possession or control of a shocking device.

The ruling further stated that in addition to any penalty imposed by the Parx Racing stewards, the matter may be referred by the commission to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution.

Additionally, trainers Miguel Penaloza and Cesareo Marquez were sanctioned in Friday rulings for possession of loaded needles and syringes found in their tack rooms. Only veterinarians may possess hypodermic needles and/or syringes on racetrack grounds, absent a licensee who gains approval for such usage to treat a human medical condition.

The suspended individuals are currently denied access privileges under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission. They have the right to appeal.

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The release indicated the three summarily suspended individuals had or were scheduled to have initial hearings before stewards early this week.

Organization of Racing Investigators specialists from Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, and Kentucky were onsite at the Pennsylvania tracks for the searches with Jason Klouser, director of enforcement for the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission, according to the release.