La Palma volcano eruption today: possible tsunami and earthquakes | Canary Islands live updates



New collapse of volcanic cone sends surge of lava down the slope of Cumbre Vieja

– Lava flow now covers surface area of just under 500 hectares

– Village of Todoque north completely destroyed by lava flow

– La Palma and Tenerife North airports reopen

– Last week the lava reached the sea, forming huge delta on La Palma coast

– Multiple earthquakes registered over the weekend

– Over 1,100 buildings destroyed by the lava flow, with 6,000 people evacuated and almost 40km of roads made impassable

Useful information

Volcanologist speaks to AS about the effects of lava reaching the sea

– An overview of the active volcanoes on the Canary Islands

– When was the last volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands?

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