Meet the Founders and CEOs of 8 Top Startups Potentially Set for IPOs

  • The IPO market is on track for record volume this year, according to Renaissance Capital.
  • Insider compiled a list of leaders at top IPO prospects, based on reports and secondaries activity.
  • Among them are the founders of Stripe, Databricks, and Instacart.
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The brisk pace of IPOs this year has put 2021 on track to break records, according to investment research firm Renaissance Capital. As a result, many founders and top executives of those high-flying startups could be set to earn big paydays.

According to data from Crunchbase, 379 startups have gone public on major US exchanges so far. Others, such as Warby Parker and Rent the Runway, have recently announced that they intend to follow in those companies’ footsteps.

Insider combed through media reports, recent funding announcements and hires, as well as data from secondary market EquityBee — which keeps a list of the pre-IPO companies in greatest demand — to compile a list of founders and key personnel at eight startups that are potential candidates to go public in the next year.