More Russian stuff blowing up, plus Ukraine declares a breakthrough near Bakhmut


We may have a winner for September in the Turret Toss Competition.


Some interesting points in this thread:

Ukraine is developing drones that can deliver thermobaric and fragmentation warheads.

That Ukraine does not use US-supplied Switchblade drones much.


The technological gap of Russians doesn’t stop here. In recent videos, “Magyar” (59th Brigade, “Magyar’s Birds” Battalion Commander) demonstrated that thanks to new developments, Ukrainian military personnel can see absolutely all enemy FPV drones in the sky when they use newest equipment, and can even disrupt some of them using electronic warfare. In the footage, you can see the 113th enemy FPV drone being “turned off”( 176 Russian FPV-drones were destroyed as of 16.09.23) . Sooner or later, the Russians will come up with ways to combat AFU drones and extend the flight range of their drones. But at the moment, the trend is that Ukrainian developers are setting the pace in drone technology. Let’s hope they don’t lose momentum and continue to outpace the enemy in FPV drone progress.

Ukraine hits the HQ of the Vichy government in Donetsk.

I have seen this posted in several places but I have yet to see anyone specify where the breakthrough occurred. Presumably it would be in the Klishchiiva-Andriivka area.


A Russian mortar unit east of Avdiivka gets HIMARSed.

It’s not a big attack but the fact that it is happening at all is significant.


Too bad, so sad.


If they put enough Flex Tape on that, it might just keep the water out.

Generalissimo Ramzan Kadyrov is still dead.*

*Fans of SNL from the 70s will get this joke.


Further proof that Russia is a weird place.


Somebody give that man a jackhammer.

Flying a Russian flag in Europe is a great way to get your car noticed, but not in a good way.

No big deal. I do this every day … with my eyes closed.

Crows are quite intelligent. They know good people when they see them.