NC rental assistance program operates in 88 counties, here’s help for the remaining areas


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)- The NC HOPE program helps renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic cover rent and utility bills. The program runs in 88 of the state’s 100 counties.

The dozen counties not covered by the program instead operate their own rental and utility assistance programs. Below is information on what those programs are and how to get started on an application.

Wake County

Wake County operates its own program, House Wake!. The program helps cover rent and utilities for tenants, landlords and utility companies. Residents can get help covering back rent or past due utility bills owed since April 2020. Applicants would also be eligible for help covering up to three months of rent or bills.

It also offers free legal counsel for renters and relocation assistance.

Residents can visit the House Wake! website or call 919-899-9911for help.

Durham County

Durham operates their Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Renters are covered under it if, because of COVID-19, they have qualified for unemployment benefits, lost income or experienced financial hardship. You can call 919-560-8000, email or visit the program’s website for help.

Johnston County

Johnston County received CARES Act money to help people with rent and utilities. You can see the criteria to qualify for help here. If you believe you qualify, you can call (919) 989-5320.

Cumberland County

Cumberland’s program also helps households unable to pay rent or utilities due to economic impacts from the pandemic. One or more people in the household need to show they are at risk for homelessness. You can call (888) 495-7710 or click here for more information about applying or qualifying.

If you live outside the Triangle, click on the map to find your local program.