New Personal Finance App Provider Ranking


The features. The performance. The deeply personal nature of it all. Honestly, does it get any more personal than one’s finances? Maybe sometimes. You get the point.

The world abounds in scorecards, but we don’t play that. PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps is updated monthly using hard data and our own methodology to discern those players putting the most brag-worthy personal finance power in the palm of your hand.

Be forewarned: There are changes here, some of them on the weighty side.

Forewarned is forearmed. We’ll say no more.

The Top Five

That No. 1 spot is hard to reach and tough to keep, but the Chime Mobile Banking app is doing a fine job of it.

Big news as the Robinhood app hops up two branches to take the No. 2 chart position in the app’s recent ride to the mainstream via meme stocks. Days before this writing, Robinhood’s stock price soared 50 percent, nearly doubling its July opening price.

Then there’s the Current mobile banking app and Visa debit card, sticking at No. 3.

Less sticky is the Stash app, dropping two spots to a very respectable No. 4 this cycle.

Perhaps because autumn is approaching, Acorns Invest Spare Change falls two chart positions this month as well, but lands at No. 5. As the saying goes, “Great oaks from little acorns grow.”

The Top 10

Going below the top five line, we start with a gainer. It’s Mint Personal Finance & Money climbing one spot to take No. 6 this cycle.

At No. 7, the Albert Save And Spend Smarter falls two chart positions in one cycle, but this app never fails to chart. How do they do that month after month?

Just entering the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps last month, the Emma Budget Manager drops two spots to No. 8, yet stays in the game. Incidentally, that’s half the game.

To keep things interesting, a three-way tie has formed at No. 9 between the Empower app (which was already there), chart regular myWisely Financial Wellness (which falls a spot from last month’s ranking) and the Fidelity Investments app, returning to the top 10.

Capping us off at No. 10 is the SoFi app — short for “social finance,” as you surely know — which provides student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, investing and banking.

Now you know what we know. Soon as we hear anything you’ll be among the first to find out.



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