New report suggests gas prices could soon be on their way down | Southeastern Pennsylvania


QUAKERTOWN, Pa. – Drivers at the Wawa on Route 309 in Quakertown can’t help but notice the pain at the pump.

“About a year ago it was like 20 bucks to fill my tank, now it’s a good 40, 45 bucks,” said Kelly, a customer at the gas station.

James Greener, who lives a few miles away, even switched to a hybrid to save some bucks.

“I definitely drive less and I’m using only the hybrid. The gas one stays home most of the time,” Greener said.

According to AAA, the national average is now around $3.34. In Pennsylvania, it’s about $3.56. Prices have been dropping slightly over recent weeks but are still quite high.

Drivers say they’ve noticed little difference.

“It goes down three cents, I’m filling up 30 gallons, you know, okay, so I’m saving 60 cents,” said Lou, a customer at the gas station.

But there is some hope. A new report out from the federal government estimates prices will drop to around $2.80 in 2022. They expect the average for January to be around $3.01.

Nobody we spoke to seemed convinced.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s going to go down much. I think it’s going to stay right around where it’s at,” Greener said.

“If people stop driving, they stop spending money,” Lou said.

Time will tell if prices actually go that low. Prices were dropping more rapidly a week ago over fears regarding the omicron variant, but have stabilized. Prices for natural gas are also on the way down, but still high compared to previous years.