NEWFACET: an AI-generated fashion campaign


Newfacet: fusing ai and fashion


Bridging the evolving leaps and bounds in technology with fashion design, NEWFACET is an innovative initiative imagining a conceptual clothing campaign. The designer makes use of AI program Stable Diffusion to explore ways to optimize workflows and creative processes to visualize a series of unique concepts and cuts.


The final result is a series of highly realistic shots ‘capturing’ moody figures modeling panelled coats, framed balaclava jackets, and angular ponchos that aren’t derivative of existing brands. While the images seem to have jumped out of the page of a fashion magazine, none of the clothing or models actually exist.

bridging between AI and fashion design | all images courtesy the author



new possibilities for imagination and exploration 


Fashion is constantly evolving and adapting to new technology, and 3D design tools like Cinema 4D, Blender, and CLO3D, as well as artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important in the industry. These tools are being adapted in a variety of ways, from creating eye-catching campaigns and visuals, to streamlining the pattern making process and creating virtual prototypes for designers.


The project NEWFACET looks to Stable Diffusion in particular — an open-source text-to-image application powered by artificial intelligence which creatives images through descriptive prompts. Streamlining the conceptualization process and enhancing possibilities to experiment, the program can be used an asset for fashion designers to quickly and easily test out and visualize different looks and styles.

NEWFACET imagines an abstract fashion campaign using AI program stable diffusion
Contrast Seam Sweatshirt Balaclava and Panel Cap Concept

NEWFACET imagines an abstract fashion campaign using AI program stable diffusion
Framed Balaclava Jacket Concept