Nintendo will reveal Animal Crossing’s next big update on October 15th


Like the Smash Direct before it, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting its own showcase coming October 15th. The Animal Crossing Twitter account revealed the news, promising 20 minutes of updates and announcements of what to expect for Nintendo’s bucolic hit of the pandemic.

New Horizons has been in a bit of a new-content dearth. While seasonal items used to spruce up villagers’ islands are added regularly, new events have been a bit slower to roll out. This year, we’ve seen three new events: the Festivale party that happened in January, and May Day and National Museum Day, which both took place in May. To keep players occupied with new shinies, New Horizons featured tons of crossover events featuring Sanrio characters and Mario items.

This new update, scheduled for November, seems to contain the much-anticipated café. In previous Animal Crossings, the café was a place to casually chat with villagers during their off-hours while also letting players work in exchange for coffee beans and furniture.

New Horizons Direct takes place October 15th at 10 AM EST.