[OPINION] Still early in the game


Doubts about Leni’s “winnability” comes out of her low survey numbers. A recent survey reportedly trusted by Malacañang, shows her gaining six points, enough to keep her as a serious contender. I am sure she has not forgotten that when she began her winning campaign for the vice presidency in 2016, she had one measly point. Presidential preference surveys at this point in the race are not reliable. Manny Villar was ahead of Noynoy Aquino in surveys early in the 2010 campaign. At various points, Jojo Binay and Grace Poe led the 2016 surveys. The most useful surveys will come in February and March 2021 when serious contenders and “also-runs” are more clear. What is important at this point is where a candidate’s numbers are going, up or down. Sara’s numbers are going down, Leni’s up, significantly higher, I am sure, after she announces her candidacy.