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Pulaski ARS program providing assistance to first-time homebuyers


PULASKI, Va. (WDBJ) – The town of Pulaski is looking for a first-time homeowner to purchase a brand new home through the Acquire, Renovate and Sell program.

Pulaski’s ARS program provides perks for first-time home buyers, including housing counseling and interest rates 1% below the market rate.

It’s designed for moderate- to low-income families and can provide down payment assistance and closing cost assistance.

The first home on Maple St. is ready now.

“It’s a really good opportunity, especially if you’re a first time homebuyer, and with the crazy market we’ve had this past year, first time homebuyers really haven’t had the opportunity to maybe get a brand new house,” Pulaski Town Planner Caroline Smith said.

The first available house is a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home for $235,000.

For a family of two or less, household income cannot exceed $95,000. For a family of more than two people, household income cannot exceed $110,000.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the program is urged to call the Town of Pulaski at (540) 994-8600.