Random: The Original NES Zelda Has Been Recreated In VR, And It’s Glorious

Image: Nintendo

We’ve seen Ocarina of Time go VR, and thanks to the Labo, we’ve also seen Breath of the Wild in VR. What’s the next natural step, then? The original NES game, of course!

The 1986 game that started it all, The Legend of Zelda, has been recreated in VR. Shared on Twitter by @kite_VR_noe, the entire first section of the NES game is playable in VR. This VR version is a DOOM mod (what else would it be?) using the QuestZDoom engine for the Quest VR headset — hence the amusingly titled The Legend of Doom. We wonder if Doomguy would do well in Hyrule…

You might wonder if the visuals have been recreated or if there have been any changes, but nope, this is like you’ve been dropped right into the NES game yourself. Right from entering the cave and being told “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this” to exploring the first dungeon, it’s a faithful recreation of The Legend of Zelda, pixel art and chiptunes included.