Roblox Stock Has Soared 27.9% This Year, And You Can Still Buy It for $1 | Smart Change: Personal Finance


Put in an order to purchase Roblox. When you do, you’ll specify that you want to spend $1 to buy the stock. And make sure the brokerage you choose doesn’t charge a commission on trades. Most discount online brokers have eliminated trading fees. If your broker charged you, it wouldn’t make sense to invest with just $1 because the cost of the commission would very likely be more than your investment.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to buy whatever portion of a share of Roblox $1 affords you at the time of your purchase. If the share price is $82, you’d end up owning about 0.012 of a share of the company. Although this may not seem like much, you still earn the same return on investment as anyone else who owns a piece of Roblox. If the stock price doubles, for instance, your $1 would turn into $2.

Fractional shares are great because they allow you to purchase stock in companies you believe in, rather than just in companies you can afford to own a full share in. So if you think Roblox has solid long-term potential, why not buy in — even if you have just $1 to do it?

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