Rotonda and Englewood preparing for Nicole while recovering from Ian



So many areas in the Southwest Florida community are still, over a month later, devastated by Hurricane. In places like Englewood and Rotonda, debris and trash continue to lay piled up while tarps cover countless rooves.

Meanwhile, Subtropical Storm Nicole is moving toward Florida with conditions that could be worrisome.

For the people of Englewood and Rotonda, any storm, regardless of size or intensity, is a setback.

Brian Goins from Englewood and Steve Triacheff from Rotonda know how frustrating this can be for people still recovering from Ian.

“Some people are homeless. So like, I don’t know what they’re gonna do,” Goins said. “It’s going to be terrible, honestly.”

“If you’re tarping and stuff isn’t on the roof securely, you can still take in more water, and that would be another nightmare,” Triacheff said.

Debris piles getting larger and blue tarps laying across rooves permeate the Rotonda community.

“Some of the other homes are horribly damaged. So people were put out of their homes,” Triacheff said.

Beyond the storm’s power, the timing is why this may be problematic.

“We’re supposed to have our adjuster come out tomorrow. So we don’t know what’s going on with her if she hasn’t contacted us,” Triacheff said.

For Triacheff, Nicole pushing our way couldn’t be timed worse since he isn’t done with Ian’s cleanup.

Leaving Triacheff’s future after Nicole full of uncertainty.

“Right now they’re just saying 40 mile-an-hour winds one to three inches of rain that can get worse. You just don’t know,” Triacheff said.

Something else to keep an eye on might be how Nicole will affect the debris stacked on the side of the road.