RUMOR: F-ZERO 99 may see the return of long-lost Satellaview tracks


F-ZERO 99 saw a shadow drop last week, and players have been racing to their hearts’ content on a number of classic tracks. While there’s plenty of fun to be had already, it seems there’s a slight chance some very exclusive tracks could be on the way sometime down the road.

Dataminers have gone digging around the source for for F-ZERO 99 and something quite interesting has been found. Among the track listings for locations we already know, there are also files with names from BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2, the Satellaview-only F-ZERO sequel that never saw release outside of Japan.

While most of the datamined track names are just Mute City I placeholders for the time being, the files do include mentions of Forest I and II, which were indeed part of BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2. It seems awfully odd to include a variety of placeholder names for tracks only to have them all turn out to be Mute City 1, and that’s especially true for these BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2 names.

Only time will tell if Nintendo is planning to revive these classic tracks, or their mention is nothing more than an idea that got scrapped before release.