Rust-Written Coreutils Replacement uutils 0.0.19 Released


The open-source uutils project that is striving to be a drop-in replacement to GNU Coreutils but written within the Rust programming language is out today with a new feature update.

The uutils project continues to increase its compatibility with the existing utilities shipped by Coreutils like cp, cut, cksum, and countless other binaries. The uutils 0.0.19 release notes mention they are making “strides towards a production-ready toolset” and have further increased their GNU Coreutils test suite coverage with this new version.

Uutils 0.0.19 adds more options in the various utilities to increase GNU Coreutils compatibility, various behavior tweaks in the name of compatibility, increased code readability in some areas, CI/CD enhancements, and many documentation improvements. Among the components seeing the most work this cycle were touch, mv, more, cp, ls, and cksum.

uutils FOSDEM 2023 presentation

With uutils 0.0.19 there were also 16 new contributors to this open-source Rust project. See this FOSDEM 2023 presentation for more background information on uutils.

The uutils 0.0.19 release can be downloaded from GitHub.