Shark Tank 2: Anupam Mittal gives job to shoe brand pitcher after hearing his ‘sad yet inspiring’ story


Shark Tank India Season 2 is already gaining popularity among viewers. The show, which premiered on January 2, features entrepreneurs pitching their brands to five powerful investors known as the Sharks. There was a lot of fun and entertainment during the episode that premiered on January 6. During the second pitch, it also became a little bit emotional.

However, one pitcher was able to win viewers over with his sincere sentiment. Ganesh Balakrishnan, the founder of Flatheads organic shoes, revealed that if he does not receive funding from the show, his company may close down. He became emotional and broke down while explaining that if he couldn’t get an investment, he would look for other work and restart his company when possible.

After listening to his story, Anupam Mittal even offered him a job, and the other sharks backed him up.

“This #Flatheads guy is so genuine and transparent with his story and failures. Saying that you couldn’t make it with the business on national television requires so much of guts,” a user wrote.

“Along with education & expertise, you need courage, hard work, dedication & innovation to become a great entrepreneur. Meet Mr Ganesh who has almost everything but facing bad luck & lack of support even after making products in India,” wrote another. “Today’s emotional drama was worth watching,” another tweet read.

Sharks Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh offered Balakrishnan a deal in which they demanded a 33.3% stake in his business, but the entrepreneur decided to follow their advice and start over instead.

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