Skull and Bones shows off new gameplay, and it’s still not very impressive


Just two days after delaying Skull and Bones (opens in new tab) yet again, this time into early 2023-24, Ubisoft has posted a new developer stream showcasing the oft-delayed pirate adventure’s “narrative gameplay.” The video takes players through an “investigation,” described by narrative director Joel Jannise as “a way to tell a story through a series of steps.”

“The player follows a trail of something that they think is going to be interesting and likely going to lead to some kind of treasure or some kind of score,” Janisse explains in the video. “But it also tells a story about our factions and our world, and we do that by finding, for example, messages in bottles, scraps of lost journals, sometimes talking to different characters in the world, and through that we’re able to tell a story.”