‘Skyrim”s iconic wagon intro was derailed by a bee glitch before launch


An ex-Bethesda employee who worked on Skyrim has explained an interesting bee glitch that derailed the game’s iconic wagon introduction.

Developer Nate Purkeypile recently took to Twitter to detail his experience of a bee glitch that derailed Skyrim’s iconic wagon introduction. At the start of the game, players are held captive and escorted in the back of a wagon alongside other detainees. The wagon, which is on a set path, is rendered as a physical object in the game, which has led to all sorts of unusual glitches.

Purkeypile encountered an unusual glitch while developing the game that would cause the cart to go flying into the air uncontrollably. The team couldn’t figure out what was causing the issue until they realised the cart was colliding with bees. Bees initially did not have collision detection in Skyrim, but another developer switched it on so players were able to pick them up for crafting.

The bee’s collision detection would clash with the wagon’s collision detection, and the former would always win. The cart, which will travel along a pre-determined path, has turned into a somewhat of a meme, with numerous bugs and mods changing the intro sequence in humorous ways.

Another former Skyrim developer also joined in with an interesting bug that the developer found prior to launch. The developers changed how bees functioned in the game, making them follow players that had honey in their inventory. This overlapped with the newly added collision detection, and would literally stop players in their tracks.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim launched in 2011, but has since been ported to numerous generations and to VR. Skyrim is Bethesda’s highest selling non-mobile title, and the best selling console Elder Scrolls game in the series.

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