Spacetop: A No-Screen Laptop with AR Glasses Providing Huge Virtual Monitor


With the exception of Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality has always seemed like an “in the near future” kinda thing. But a startup called Sightful is “committed to moving AR beyond the hype and to create solutions that are immediately valuable and intuitive.” To that end, they’ve insightfully wielded the technology to rethink a commonplace object: The laptop. Sightful’s first product, the Spacetop, is a laptop with no screen. Closed, the form factor resembles a sneaker in profile:

Opening it looks like this:

Through the glasses, the company’s technology delivers a virtual 100″ monitor with a 2K resolution, allowing you to spread windows out.

Never mind working in a Starbucks; can you imagine what a difference this would make on an airplane, where there’s never room (at least in Coach, where I sit) to open a laptop all the way? Another benefit is that no one else can see your screen.

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The company is currently taking sign-ups providing “the opportunity to own an Early Access Spacetop” (price unspecified) here.

I just remembered an earlier post we did, “Moneymaking Multi-Monitor Mayhem,” where we looked at the extreme monitor set-ups common in the financial industry:

That was ten years ago. In another ten, I think it’s fair to say those desks are going to be a lot less cluttered.