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SenseTime: state support for AI listing sends mixed message

It took just days for bankers to China’s largest artificial intelligence company to reopen the books on its postponed listing. The US banned its...

Instagram chief denies platform prioritises profit over users’ mental health

Instagram’s chief executive has defended the company against accusations that the platform harms children’s mental health during a bruising congressional hearing into how it...

Why do we pay taxes? Federal income tax is the biggest source of government...

Income, sales, and property taxes fund everything from national defense to the crossing guard who keeps watch at your local elementary school. Source

Amazon Alexa SEO Tools Is Closing

Alexa.com announced that it will be retiring its marketing services after 25 years. Founded in 1996, Alexa was subsequently acquired by Amazon in 1999....

Musk asks court to reject Twitter’s request for ‘warp speed’ trial

Elon Musk has accused Twitter of an “unjustifiable request to rush” the trial to determine whether he should be forced to complete a $44bn...