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China industrial profits fall as lockdown pain spreads

China’s industrial groups posted their worst decline in profits in two years in April, in the latest sign of the economic and corporate pain...

China pumps $14bn in cash into market amid Evergrande crisis | Business and Economy...

The move comes as the trouble facing China’s Evergrande Group fuels investor concern over the health of real estate and credit markets.China injected more...

BlackRock raises US$1 billion with China fund days after George Soros swipe

BlackRock became the first global asset manager to win a licence for a wholly-owned onshore mutual fund business in China in June. Source

Big food’s unhealthy products leave bitter taste for ESG investors

John Harvey Kellogg and his younger brother William invented one of the first breakfast cereals in the 1890s as a health food to aid...

UK and emerging markets are left behind in the ‘everything rally’

The so-called everything rally triggered by massive fiscal and monetary stimulus has left certain major markets behind while some previous winners have sagged recently,...