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Dollar Tree will sell more stuff for above $1

The company said Tuesday that it will begin selling items at $1.25 and $1.50 at some locations for the first time. It will also...

European stocks hit new record high in 2022 debut

European stock markets climbed to a new all-time high in the first trading session of 2022, with oil prices and US stock futures also...

US and allies look to seize Russian oligarchs' megayachts among sanctions for Ukraine war

The Biden administration and allies in the U.K., Canada and European Union included seizure of Russian oligarchs' superyachts in Ukraine sanctions. Source

Unemployment Benefits extension 2022: Will your state send you checks in 2022?

In some parts of the United States, COVID-19 cases have increased. The highly contagious omicron variant is expected to fuel another wave of infections...